It's been a growing problem in my marriage for some time now. In my case, wife resorts to trying to accuse me of being the one who's wrong but unable to admit to it. I didn’t recognise it in the beginning. When I won an argument she still insisted I apologise for the distress she felt from her mistake (like getting someone gets mad at you for something that happened in a dream they had).

Now, she tries her best to make me believe I'm the one who can't admit I'm wrong. When a disagreement happens she tries to get me to doubt reality while insisting I apologise for the wrong she said I committed. Ironically, I'm the one who is constantly being accused of lying, telling an alternate version of events and living in my own reality where I can't admit I'm wrong while she is the one to always admit when she's wrong. If I bring up a past situation, instead of saying she doesn't remember, she outright accuses me of making the entire thing up.

We're on a fast track to divorce right now and I've even suggested we take some of our issues to a third party (pastor/counselor) but she adamantly refuses.