Anonymous wrote:

This article sounds like the behavior of every Trump supporter when faced with actual facts that contradict what the toddler-in-chief says.

Great piece!

I was reading this and thinking the exact same thing but about the left...... I think nearly all Trump supporters will readily tell you that he is far from perfect and has certainly lied at times so I think your generalization of "every Trump supporter" is pretty far off base. That sort of a generalization also seems to go against one of the very things the left seems to be against, vast generalizations of grouping many together as if a few bad apples means all apples must be bad. Other than our borders literally being flooded at historic levels with people crossing illegally between points of entry, it seems that the state of our country is quite good right now with historicly lowunemployment, great economy, ISIS pretty much done, have not heard about any missiles flying over Japan from NK in quite some time, record numbers of new manufacturing jobs coming back (Obama said they will never come back). No collusion other than between the dems and Russia. All I'm seeing is the left freaking out more and more and I truly am dumbfounded by it.