Thank you.

My girls are home now and we are on the path to healing. It was a very ugly year long custody modification. They have only been home for 10 months, and he still has visitation, and legal rights to be at their doctors, hospital, and therapy visits.

Trying to help my girls heal has been a struggle for me, as well as trying to keep my momma bear temper in check each time I realize he's still hurting our kids and how much damage has really been done. I feel helpless in that a piece of paper tells me I have to let them go visit even though they don't want to. They are 13 & 14, we teach are kids not to deal with toxic friends but force them to see toxic family. :(

The line is also very fine that I have to walk trying to explain what's going on, without "bad mouthing" (read-stating facts) their dad and appearing to alienate him....