My brother hasn't worked in 9 years and still lives at home. He is 47 years old. He makes constant excuses as to why he can't find a job. He blamed President Obama for extending unemployment for 2 years as the reason why he stayed home so long after he stopped working at his last job which he said he could no longer work at due to the fumes at the construction site he worked on affecting his breathing. My mother also makes excuses for him one minute and then she is criticizing him 5 minutes later.
When I have a conversation with my brother he will frequently say, "I was right," after he makes some claim about something. I have told him over and over that it is okay to be wrong. I fear there is no hope for him our father died when my brother was 13 and it damaged him psychologically. He has never lived on his own and even when he has worked he took too many days off. I feel he is beyond help. When my mother passes on I fear he will go off the deep end. I partially blame my mother for being codependent with him. He is also a recovering opioid addict in treatment for 20 years on replacement medication.
I don't know what to do to help this man, I am afraid he will end up homeless or dead. He lives in the rental apartment of my mother's house but pays no rent and she supports him on her social security and a small pension that my father left. He barely leaves the house. Since they live in a progressive blue state Medicaid pays for his medication regimine. He says he will "lose his benefits" if he gets a job. He also says he can't get a job now because he has a 9 year gap of no work history on his resume. I told him to go and drive for uber or something but I am really at a loss as to tell him what to do. I feel if he really wanted to work he would get a job as the unemployment rate is only 3.7%. He actually feels he shouldn't have to work and thinks there should be "universal basic income," free health care, etc. to support him. He is a very lazy person.
My husband is a workaholic and is totally disgusted with this situation.