This. Wisdom! Appreciated and Thank You. This piece speak on many levels, to me and a very good friend of mine.
I have told employees who helped me I would send a compliment to their manager, I always do. I like the other ideas, some quicker than others. Helping the elderly, some love help, some are more independent than me!!
You don't know what anyone has been through. So very true and real.

Many don't know that I lost both parents too young. Most don't know I missed my Mom for more years than I can even remember. When I do share, some people just run away, and can't deal anyway. -This doesn't feel great.
There are women who have been abused who tell no one.
There are men who have been abused who wish they could tell someone but bear a different sadness and shame.
That person who looks like he /she has it all, they don't. Some just smile to get through the day. I know families that lost their house twice. That second time really took too much out of them. You just Never know.