Your position might be tenable in a government that is incorruptible. That is so far from the truth. We were headed for financial collapse and second world status at the speed of light. Government policy as conceived by you is cronyism stoked with other people's (my!) money. You speak of operational inefficiencies being dealt with brutal proficiency as if it were a bad thing. If it ain't working in business, chop off its head. Right now before it costs us one penny more. If it ain't working in government, let's double- and triple-down on it, throw billions more dollars at it and leave nothing undone to keep it raging (that big pile of money), consuming everything decent in its path, until the last ember winks out. War on Drugs, anyone? Thirty-five years later we have an opioid and heroin crises unprecedented in modern history. How about the War on Poverty? We've created a whole underclass of 4th and more generational government dependents and illegitimacy. That's another good one. Let's keep the decision makers beholden to their contributors, while they suck every last drop out of American taxpayers and workers, all the while with their other smug faces telling us how much good for us they are doing. No, government for the sake of keeping the cronyism paradigm alive is a very bad thing. There is only so much the cronies can take, then we're tapped out. The government is actually a business where the business itself doesn't profit, but the campaign contributors and career politicians do. The only thing government does has to do with money. It taxes, then spends on programs, agencies, wars, whatever it wants. As long as the rules end up favoring, now, the multinational corporations. They want slave labor. Enter the US into lopsided trade agreements, give companies big tax breaks to send their labor overseas, give them the slave labor of the illegals. Take away any need for American labor, pulling every last tooth out of American workers negotiating power. American workers were on the ropes, gasping. We were sending our children to college at backbreaking expense in hopes that they might have a leg up in a brutal job market, and they still ended up living in our basements. You must be very insulated up there in your ivory tower. It must be nice never having to worry about where your next meal is coming from, or when your 30 year old kids are ever going to be self sufficient, and having a glimmer hope for an actual retirement. The rest of us were almost beaten into the ground because of those unrealistic policies. You can only bleed so much out of us, we can only go backwards for so long. We thought we'd wait it out; you told us that it was cyclical. Then came the "jobless recovery." What a joke. Even the Great Depression only lasted 10 years. You've used us up. We're done. That's why Trump won.

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