Once upon a time I told my therapist I needed somebody to love. She said I needed to stop being so needy. At that point I knew she was 100% clueless. "Neediness" is nothing but an unsatisfied need, and the most basic essential fundamental foundational human need is the need to love and be loved. All the research, you can provide infants or monkeys with food, shelter, clothing, water, but if they don't get enough loving that "fail to thrive" and may die or become psychotic. So with us. I think Love Deficiency Disorder is the single most common underlying cause of all other mental health issues, depression, all the personality disorders, we need loving as much as we need air, food, water. And most of the therapists and everybody else don't recognize this, only the songwriters and poets and novelists do. It is no accident that most of our songs, most of our novels, movies, etc., are about love, it is the most basic human need. And most of us never get nearly enough, we have been conned into thinking that everything else is more important, money, success, power, social status, whatever, and nothing else is. With enough love in our lives we are happy, without, we cannot be no matter how much other stuff we have.