I think it also comes down to which religion is being referred. Islam not only deals with science but considers the study to understand both the material and metaphysical to know Allah and to ask bigger questions of life. The question between whether science, philosophy and religion can coexist is a matter between Europe and the church not every religion . The construct of grief in Islam and for that matter in Judeo-Christian deal with accepting a world and universe that is both harmful yet beneficial "the lord giveth and the lord taketh" ( one of the 99 names of Allah is the creater of both harm and the benefit). To commit to one or the other leads to hopelessness, despair, mania, and or ignroance. Yet much is said about how to deal with grief including knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge ( seeking cures to suffering) , living a balanced life ( benefits and harms), community, pateince, and showing understanding to those who suffer. Science helps us understand the world but is a neutral endeavor and philosophy asks to seek answers yet these are principles and endevours that are found in many religions such as Islam. I agree that science has a lot to offer in the relief of suffering and grief, yet I cannot hold the opinion that it is more beneficial than religion. I believe that they can go together giving a person a physical, metaphysical, communal and spiritual awareness in dealing with grief.

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