I got the feeling from this article, that mom is still being done wrong. She's being criticized for wanting some thanks. She's tired and worn out and then, she still has her female issues to worry about. Wow, can't believe you. Can't believe this society, this country, can be so mean to the one person who does it all.

She should not have to pay, because she's getting appreciation, for all her hard work and sacrifice that dad doesn't even do. But we still brag on him and and uplift him. Plus the poor, indoctrinated daughter, even think she's supposed to choose him over mom to walk her down the aisle Yeah, we do show a lot of unearned appreciation to dad. Go figure.
I see this mixup over and over again. Here you are telling moms show appreciation, to her family, for the appreciation they are supposed to give to her, after all she has done and all she will do, for the children and her husband. Then appreciate dad for not knocking himself out . Wow!

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