Dear Dr. Jessica Alleva,

I understand some of your concerns and I appreciate your taking the time to address them. To clarify, I did not write the press release, but I did receive the original press release through AlphaGalileo.

A great deal of research that I read includes the thoughts of the researchers regarding what may be going on or contributing to a particular phenomenon. That is how I read Muttarak's article, but I realize that not everyone will read it this way.

I do see now that the pervasiveness of body positivity and its effects were assumed, which is evident in places where the language in the article is unclear. Yet I do think that it is an intriguing area for further research, and I am hopeful that the dialogue about the topic will become more open. I see a lot of anger and "us versus them" communication whenever the topic of obesity and/or body positivity comes up. This is something I hope we, as a culture, can move beyond.

Thank you.

Kristen Hovet

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