Well said! Only would also add that some parents are unaware of how to be parents- the pure neglect I see and saw growing up- it's not always due to work, some simply do not know how, do not understand the importance of their role or don't even see it as their role, possibly because they experienced similar, possibly because drugs and/or alcohol were in the way. I wish I were just stereotyping a minority, I have to say sadly this was a big majority of the kids in my class in primary (elementary!) school...those kids then grow up and have kids of their own- telling themselves some sort of self-fore-filling trash about "something I can love that will love me back..."etc. Fact is it happens, and it breeds and other parents look on and think it's acceptable even if they know better. It's all a mess and until someone can enforce a basic standard of acceptable parenting and consequences that affect the parent not just the child, (because let's face it, narcissism and self-first mentality is on the rise) until standards are enforced, nothing will change at best and at worst it will only get worse as it compounds itself.

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