In this article, I hoped to see "insights" into the over-prescription of pain opioids for pain management. There is even a photo of a prescription on the article. However. This article did not speak to the many chronic pain patients who need opioids just to function. What is their long-term toll of opioids? The issue seems to be that most people feel that pain patients are addicts. They are not. They are being treated with a prescription and most do not overdose or take enough to get "high." Most use many other alternative methods along with the opioids to feel less pain and keep on working. We've seen how some doctors found the addiction to pain meds as a way to make money and are themselves drug dealers. These doctors need to be stopped! Other doctors are afraid of being seen like those and are force tapering their patients. This forced tapering or abandoning of these chronic pain patients is causing more "deaths of despair" due to suicide. As a psychologist who treats people in pain with CBT and Mindfulness, I feel it is extremely important for society to know the difference between an addict and a patient and not to behave as though they are the same. Both need treatment, but different treatment. I would like to add that one is not necessarily better than the other. We need to use all of our knowledge to treat substance-abuse patients as well. I understand the DEA is attempting to teach medical doctors on the difference and how to treat each. This is a good start.

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