The WaPo had an interesting article today about the impossibility of obtaining pain medication for those suffering from acute or chronic pain due to accidents, shootings, botched surgeries, autoimmune diseases, etc. Because some people abuse opioids, NOBODY can get them anymore. People travel hundreds of miles every month to get to one of the last doctors who still prescribe pain medication for sufferers. Many of the pain patients in that piece talked about suicide as their only way out.

I watched my friend die of cancer without pain medication. She was shaken by pain spasms after 4 of her vertebrates had broken but she could not get pain relief because "that would make her addicted". She died two weeks later, unaided, watched with cold eyes by her doctors and nurses who no doubt high-fived each other after every visit to her bed for how they were fighting opioid abuse. t's EASY to say no to a bedridden, moribund patient! But if she had been physically able, she would have killed herself.

Another article, also out today, noted that there is NO 2-bedroom apartment in all of the US you can rent on minimum wage, even if that minimum wage is $15 an hour. Almost half of the population live in such desperate poverty that a $400 emergency would cost them their car or their housing. This kind of chronic panic wears people out over time and leads ultimately to hopelessness and indifference.

In short, we should acknowledge that life in the US is such that for tens of thousands a year, suicide is the rational response to their circumstances.

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