If you want to study failure in children, or lack there of, one must first study why adults have children.

Children are no longer just children now that they are a luxury item that goes along with a fancy car and flashy address. Rich whites are having children at a greater rate than any other demographic. Children are something to be bragged about, shown off and exploited. So yes, failure isn't an option. High grades, sports prowess and sweetness are characteristics to be found in today's youth. Parents need a trophy and a well-behaved child that gets awards are exactly what they require.

And yes, those fabulous good-looking adult children who can also serve as a friend to a weight-gaining less-than-interesting parent do boomerang in their 20s. Adult children serve a purpose to parents. But when the adult child starts gaining weight too, isn't thriving and turns into a problem it is time to set them free on the rest of society and get them out of the house.....in order to launch.

Hey parents, we don't want them either.

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