I can agree with most of the 8 items. Now the but.

As a parent it is frustrating to pay all or part of their education; and then be told by the academic institution that they attend, that my child's grades are not available to me to view because the law considers the student of legal age/adult. Perhaps chronologically but hardly on a maturity/emotional scale.

My three children went to college. One graduated and she by shared her grades with me. She also had a partial athletic scholarship. She is now 36.

Her older sister(had a full dance scholarship) and failed academically. She also dropped the "F" bomb on her coach. She lost the scholarship and dropped out of school.

The third child tried a semester at a community college and decided he was too busy chasing girls and drinking, which became a serious problem with alcoholism. Has minimum wage job and now in his late 20's.

And for the younger parents raising their children, save early and often for their future training beyond the K-12 system. I did and glad for the planning; but you know the rest of the story. Huge $$ invested but "no return" with two of them. Great waste of my efforts over 20 years to invest in their future success.

Finally with a little humor and wisdom, do not forget the "car loans" you made that were never paid back to you.

What about other parents out there? What do you think?