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Since you ask, we would describe tolerance as an outgrowth of novelty-seeking. Day one, you get aroused by bikini models. Day two, bikini models don't do it for you but Playboy centerfolds do. Day three, the centerfolds barely register for you and it's on to hardcore pictures. You see where this leads.

I keep trying to understand how your agenda about porn is any different from preoccupation with a mistress, or being in love especially for the first time, etc. A guy I knew back in high school told me that he regretted having a girlfriend so early in his teen years and having so much sex with her. He said they did everything, and had sex every day. It was his opinion that all that early sex took the mystery out of it, and it was no longer the "big thing" to look forward to that he sensed his other male companions were all talking about. He said he wished he had waited for marriage to have sex.

Not sure I agree with that young man, and I think he was a bit of a "the grass is always greener somewhere else", but it was an interesting opinion which would seem to echo the "tolerance" scale you imply is somehow unique to porn. Why is it that long-term couples complain about "boring sex", which is something they would NEVER complain about at the beginning of the relationship.

So exactly how is it that porn is in any way unique in its effect on tolerance. I've heard this for so many years and it sounds like a pile bull dung. What really gets my goat is stuff I've heard on the local radio station here in a conservative part of the country, where on some religion show some pompous doofuses pronounced that masturbation can lead to porn, which can lead to promiscuous sex, which can lead to rape and child molestation. I mean, give me an effing break. At some point, you just have to draw the line with all the agenda nonsense cooked up by people who are too transparently motivated to say these things because of their personal shame about sex.

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