My comment about banning women and other things was satire. But the point behind it is valid. I accept that some porn users suffer from all the things mentioned, but I honestly don't see how it's substantially different from "addiction" to a mistress. There seems to be an agenda to malign porn in a way that a similar discussion about mistresses wouldn't try to malign women. For every malady you describe resulting from porn, I can describe a similar difficulty experienced by a man who's fallen hard for his mistress and can't stop thinking about her and seeing her, risking his career, family, marriage, everything. In fact, it's my opinion that a mistress can be even more "addictive" than porn in that she's a live 3-dimensional porn actress right in your (or her) own bed. I don't know of a man who'd pay to set up a secret apartment just to view porn, but many men have "kept" a woman that way.

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