Addiction isn't "really being into" something. It's the opposite, actually, as anyone who has struggled with an addiction will tell you.

Trust us, people struggling with addictions are not enjoying themselves. They are miserable. They've often tried and failed to quit over and over. Their lives are falling apart around them because of their behaviors. But when they feel the craving, they cannot resist it, and when they're using they are, without a doubt, getting high - as in, totally oblivious to the world, nothing else matters, I need this or I will die, high. And then their high is over, and they crash, and they'll do anything to get back to that place of comfort and avoid the negative feelings associated with crashing.

How many fishermen do you know who feel like that about a day on the water?

If you've never experienced this, then count yourself lucky. But don't deny some people do experience it. And don't trivialize it by comparing it to fun activities, please. An active addiction is a living hell.