Anonymous wrote:

A person either has, or doesn't have any sense of self-control or moderation. Or they have it and choose to not exercise it. In any case, stop trying to vilify adult media. It's not the problem.

Adult media prompts an especially strong reward response. That's not vilifying. It's just a fact. Most people can handle that response, enjoy it, move on with their lives. But for those who, for whatever combination of factors, are susceptible to addiction, the response can serve as a vector. It's is no different from alcohol or video slot machines or any other addiction vector.

As for people with addictions making a "choice" not to exercise self control, that is not accurate. People with addictions have a choice whether or not to seek help (assuming help is available and not, to use your term, "vilified"). But, saying that people who try over and over to quit and keep failing despite the downward spiral of their lives are making a "choice" to suffer that way does not comport with how addiction works.