Anonymous wrote:

People whose porn use is out of control, however one may label their condition, most certainly do experience withdrawal, and trivializing that withdrawal as being "a bit grumpy at most" is both unhelpful and wildly inaccurate.

Withdrawal for problematic porn users includes insomnia and other sleep disruption, mania, despair, extreme irritability, intense craving, hyper- and hypo-arousal, and distracting ideation, just for starters. None of these are surprising, as they reflect the abrupt removal of a reward stimulus on which the user has become reliant. Indeed, it is common for those experiencing these symptoms to develop or fall back upon co-addictions, such as drug or alcohol abuse, or other reward-seeking behaviors such as gambling.

Sounds EXACTLY like a man who's suddenly forced to "withdraw" from a seductive, sexy, hot mistress after his wife discovers the affair and threatens divorce and custody battle unless he cuts off all trysts.

I mean, seriously? Is anybody stupid enough to try to claim that a man having to cut off relations with his mistress isn't a totally wrenching experience during which he can't perform sexually, is depressed, can't concentrate, etc. As if only porn can have this effect in a sexual context? Give me an effing break.

So let's ban both women and porn.