Anonymous wrote:

Withdrawal for problematic porn users includes insomnia and other sleep disruption, mania, despair, extreme irritability, intense craving, hyper- and hypo-arousal, and distracting ideation, just for starters. None of these are surprising, as they reflect the abrupt removal of a reward stimulus on which the user has become reliant.

That sounds like complete bogus. People don't become 'manic' from not watching porn. I think you're putting the carriage in front of the horse so to speak. It is exactly because people might have a predisposition towards mania or other psychological ailments that this expresses itself as unhealthy porn use. However treating the 'addiction' solves nothing as the underlying issue(or issues) still remain. Neurotic behavior like sex/porn 'addiction' is actually very symptomatic of a psychological disorder. Addiction necessitates a physical reliance on a substance that might even put the person at risk for death when not indulging(like with heavy alcoholics) which isn't in quite the same category as neurotically wanking it to Pornhub. Addiction, craving and obsessive compulsive behavior are not the same thing.