This post is not accurate, and its trivialization of the consequences of out-of-control porn use is particularly egregious.

Out-of-control sexual behavior (which may or may not involve porn use), whatever label is assigned to it, destroys lives just like any other disorder referred to as an "addiction." Not in the "Hollywood actor gets caught with his pants down" way, but in the "I repeat the same sexual behavior over and over and over, the behavior has escalated in terms of time spent and the intensity of use, I crave the behavior when I'm not doing it to the point of severe distraction and withdrawal from life/friends/relationships, I don't want to be doing the behavior but I feel as if I need it and it would be impossible to go without it, it's ruining my career/family/sleep/finances/life because of the amount of time and physical/emotional energy I devote to it, and I've tried to stop repeatedly and I find that no matter what I try I always fall back into the same behavior" way.

If you haven't heard these stories, if you haven't seen the damage disorders in this spectrum does, you are not paying attention.

If you are a person who has read this article and are now confused about whether an out-of-control sexual behavior that is disrupting your life will be taken seriously and not trivialized, know this: there are people who understand what you're going through and who are trained to help. They are not religious fanatics (many aren't religious at all). They're not out to make a quick buck. They are welcoming to all people no matter their race, religion, gender, sexual identity or marital status. They understand you're hurting and are prepared to help.

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