I find that when men or women express anger in a loud aggressive way, I'll just try to avoid them.

I am always careful about avoiding physical violence or situations where I have to give up because the other person will make a scene. I don't give into drama and I don't expect people to give into it either.

I find that the best way for me to deal with anger is that if it's too strong to control, I tell people that I don't like this, I need a walk or I don't tell them and say I'm getting tired and need space.

Then I relax and take a step back to define if the issue are my triggers or if the situation is unacceptable.

If trigger, then I can identify them the next time and they won't affect me too much. If the situation is unacceptable, I can use questioning and digging into solutions, or find a way to escape the situation.

I don't make a scene for a one time occurence, but I do address patterns.

I find people respond better to put ng things on the table when I am able explain them then if I scream or get agited, then they just get on the defensive or attack back.