As far as I am concerned, everything here is NOT wrong at all. In fact, Islam mends us to do the same. And Islam was before science, but out of the religion view and more of a personal one, I am bound to not judge and know, for some reason this was a gift given to me and I discovered it about 7 years ago. I am 33, therefore I want to ask, why do some people have the NEED to 'study' a finger's tick per say, or whether you look up or right or left when you are thinking to know if you are telling the truth or lying, per say? I mean, I am very intellectual and happened to have an acquainted neighbor who used to do so, therefore I became conscious and flipped the whole situation whereas I wouldn't do as he expected or believed he had me read. For that area I became a bit of a 'snake' as some call it, but I am on my way of changing my ways of living because I am not one snake.