you need to remove also the offensive chapter about "Agnostics" which implys that the non belief is part of an unwillingness to accept God.

No I don't believe because I see no evidence to see that as true. Pretending I do only, to me, would cause me to make decisions that would leave me to not seek a real world solution. While that remains in there and the over and over repeating of statements that people are simply unwilling to follow the steps. (How can someone fake beleif in a higher power that is going to yeild the same result.? I can talk to myself, i can call that prayer, doesnt do anything for me)

Then you ask questions to get them to tell you how and they call that part of the unwillingness to change or that i dont really want to get better. No that is you unwilling to say you dont have the answer and offering a list of alternative groups to try that are non 12 step

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