I think that people don't hate AA! As a matter of fact, it is a very small percentage. The ones that do often either misunderstand the program or practice the , "Contempt prior to investigation" approach. 12 stap programs are the most successful treatment program in the world bar none. Being an addiction professional-I'm fine with that. I wish I was out of a job because treatment was so successful-not happening yet. 12 step programs do not say you have to believe in a God or anything else. Everything are suggestions that you can choose to follow or not if they work for you. Totaly works/ aligns with motivational interviewing. As professionals, we may want to look at why it works. It works because it addresses core issues instead of symptomology. Core issues being (quite often) I am not happy in the current manifestation of my life and am seeking altered realities to deal with that reality. 12 step is also very clear with it's purpose. "Having had a spiritual awakening(To discover the Inter-connectedness of everything)" 12 step provides what we seek most-"A community of like minded people where I can feel welcomed and that my life has meaning and purpose. When we as professionals get out of the labeling, grouping, Etc, and truly practice "Motivational Interviewing", our success rate goes up!!! Becaus ewe are now working on what the client wants and not what we think they should be doing! I didn't wake up God this AM. So, why do I think I know what's best for everyone else-Smile
Love & Light,
Michael Wals

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