When I was younger, I tried to 'fit in' with the college crowd, going to bars etc and drinking and trying to be rowdy etc. Now, I realise that I was not really enjoying myself but just pretending to be someone I'm not. With maturity, being true to myself is the most important thing and I do not enjoy vacuous, alcohol fuelled, meaningless 'socialising' which is so prevalent in the western world. I long for deeper, much more fulfilling connections with people over shared interests, conversations, and enjoyment of life. I find that unfortunately, these deeper connections are hard to come by and find that I have been feeling lonely for a while. I think that to be true to oneself leads one to be more selective where we focus our energies and this means at times being alone and sometimes feeling lonely. However, I want to continue throughout my life to seek and develop meaningful friendships and connections and by being true to myself, I hope this will attract like people in my life.

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