The present cost of giving ABA to ID children is about $80,000 a year. I am sure insurance companies, mandated in many states to give ABA to autistic children as a sole scientifically indicated medical therapy, are going to be relieved these children are "no longer autistic" but intellectually disabled.

I'm glad to see my son lose his "Aspergers" label,too, as he was in a behavioral classroom that never took into account he was dyslexic. Not until he was home schooled did he receive curriculum adapted to this.

Dr. Frances, in giving a talk with a mother whose son was labelled bi-polar who was insistent he be heavily medicated, you said something like (I'm paraphrasing):"I'm NOT saying that these kids aren't difficult to raise, that they don't have difficulties managing behaviors...I AM saying they don't deserve to be labelled as mentally ill."

I've never forgotten. A pill does not cure our children of their humanity. People used to complain about Dr. Spock. He couldn't hold a candle to the "experts" manipulating weak willed parents today who have all the ideas and none of the common sense.

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