I have not given birth, admittedly, and my mother never had to have a C-Section, however, without medical intervention, I doubt that I or my mother would have survived my birth. Indeed, given medicine's ability to perform literal miracles, I would say many of us would not be here, if not for medical interventions. Given that, I don't know if doctors are too quick to intervene thus inducing more women to be at risk for C-Section, than if they were to just "trust birth or women's ability to give birth." It's a definite possibility. However, the more of us who survive because of medical intervention, the more likely it is that our offspring will inherit traits that require medical intervention. Medical intervention is an adaptation, a tool we have, in order to ensure our survival. In centuries past, we statistically could not " trust birth or women's ability to give birth." Anyone who denies that is kidding themselves. Therefore, it is not a failure of a "woman" to need a C-section, it is in fact a triumph of humanity that we have discovered how to help a woman survive the event of childbirth. What people forget when they argue that "natural" is better, is that death is natural. There was once a time in which people died in their 30s and 40s, naturally. Yet, no one wants to return to those times, so why should we return to the dark ages of giving birth? If you can, awesome, but if you can't? It doesn't make you less than. Because that glowing woman who gave birth in her home and thinks she exemplifies womanhood? She likely suffered from some horrifying infection once as a kid and took antibiotics for it. Without that, she wouldn't have been able to have her "perfect" birth.

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