Hoggwash and the Tide Pod Eaters sound suspiciously like 2nd-Amendment hating leftist radicals who footed the bill for these astroturf protests.

There is no subject in the United States more childishly discussed than the one we have about gun control, and probably because at this moment children and half-wits are the ones responsible for steering the dialogue. There are 330 million people in the United States, and at this moment, since 2012, according to The New York Times, there have been 138 deaths by school shooting. This amounts to 21.3 deaths per year on average -- an honorable statistic in a country as dysgenically populated as ours. On the other hand, according to Forbes, there were only 31 million Americans who went to Mexico in 2016, and in that same year we had 75 Americans get murdered while doing it -- more American deaths than the total of all other countries combined.

This means that every year four times as many people are butchered, by foreigners, on vacation, in a single country, out of a pool nearly ten times smaller than the American population (remember that four times ten is forty). There is no school shooting epidemic in this country, and the average student is more likely to die from slipping in the bathtub, or going on vacation, and is probably more likely to get molested by his own teacher. If we really cared more about children's lives we would ban students from going to Cancun; and if we really cared enough to say not even one, and we considered how many thousands of Americans are killed by Mexicans every year, and how many kids are ruined or killed by Mexican drugs, we would kick it up a notch and ban Mexico altogether.

TL;DR If leftists cared about American lives they wouldn't be fighting against having a border wall.

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