Anonymous wrote:

I had a psychiatrist in the late sixties who required his patients to walk every day, rain, shine, snow, sleet, for one half hour in one direction and then turn around and walk back, a daily one hour routine. The benefits were enormous.

There is a Holocaust going on. It is simply too bad that the so-called "mentally ill" are not employable under U.S. law in jobs where they can get *paid* getting that much exercise outdoors.

There is no "nice" way to say that something is so seriously wrong with another human being's thinking that he or she "is a danger" to him- or herself or others.

There is no "nice" way to talk about the drugging they are forced to endure with no regard whatsoever to their human rights.

There is no euphemism for a Holocaust, and there is no "nice" way to explain the phrase "adjudicated as a mental defective" in U.S. law.

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