Hello Mam,
Firstly I would like to say that your above article is an excellent one, may be the best in terms of the linguistics and explanatory levels. Division in types of Happiness - completely agree.
Now, secondly i m looking out for an element (others such as passion, desire, honesty, hard work, NLP {neuro linguistic programming}) and it is on the purpose side of the work.
Theme is - What drives people to turn their ideas, dreams, thoughts, personal beliefs or notions into reality?
Let's say that for some people it is their love towards their idea that drives/ brings a feeling of spark in them and they go on to execute their idea and turn into reality with full energy, for some its their passion, for some it is the purpose that they want to serve people and the list goes on depending on the personality types.
Now, there is an another segment of people living out with us. They get an idea, it motivates them and they get really turned ON to execute it. This feeling of motivation stays with them. Here the problem arises. It stays with them only for 10 minutes or an hour and to a large extent for 1 or 2 days. It starts to fade out and slowly or fastly they either drop the idea or dream and dont think about its execution. Outlining reasons can be they are not serious about it, life situations not allowing them to do so. Apart from this there is one more thing - They simply ask themselves or this thing creeps in their mind and without any inclination or bias -
1) Why should I do it
2) If i do it and do not do it, it doesn't makes me much difference to me, my life will still be running if i dont give it a damn.
This is the element that i am looking for. Just like achievers have common elements of success in them such as passion, seriousness, honesty towards their work, will power and many more, in the same manner this element has to be a common one which people lack and because of which they are not able, for some it would have been just a thougt, a dream, a feeling. They iniated and they became. Idea in itself had huge potential, people who get ideas are hard workers, passionate, honest enough in many spheres of their life, but because of no answer to the above questions that they ask from themselves they find no energy or no will to execute that idea. They dont fear situations, know that if executed it can be a hit but then also they dont. Many things that we use today were not having any purpose, any necessity behind them so that a person could attempt and start them but rather those were just an ideation.

A person who is having an idea is passionate, ambitious, well qualified, has adequate resources to start, is experienced but he/she lacks just that one thing/ element/ quality/ a word in his attitude and dosent starts?
On the other hand,
A person who is having an idea and is a beginner, doesn't have as much as qualities as above person but has that one thing/ element/ quality/ that word in his attitude and he starts working on his idea.

What Is That One Thing That Sets The Tone and Because of Which Person Becomes so Confident That he Gives his Everything Into it?

Bill Gates didn't started Microsoft just because of purpose of serving people or Windows was not a necessity (as they say necessity is the mother of invention or doing something new), it was just an idea.

People like him have that quality in them. It can be a purpose and can't be. Yes some people do need a clear purpose to start but some dont.
Many things around us have started because of a well defined purpose or necessity behind them but on the other hand many things have started and are also doing good today just because of ideation and zeal to to achieve them.
You cant take away the importance of purpose as a fuel that drives in doing or achieving something but this is where the problem is - Purpose will always not be a fuel that will keep you driving. There are some people are not able to find the purpose into things so they need that missing quality because of which they can atleast initiate the work.

My friend often gets a thought - lets start a business (he is passionate, well equipped and qualified, can push himself in situations) but soon he is striked with a feeling, I have a job, i am earning good than average (not that much also) so whats the need to start business. He doesn't takes it seriously and soon it fades away. His idea is good, can do well but he is lacking that one element because of which he cant cross the line.
It has to be a common element i.e. passion, will, self-confidence, self-motivation etc. are elements that are common in all achievers in the same manner if people lack this element it has to be common missing element in all people who are not able to start because unless they dont find purpose they will not start and it will take time to find purpose behind every idea and then execute it and every idea will have different purpose attached to it. So the one thing/ element/ quality because of which one can start working on any idea with full energy levels and with a happy mindset and continue till you dont find the purpose or till you dont complete it.
What is that one thing, one purpose?
*By element I just mean a quality like passion, strong determination.

Thank You for taking out time to read this.
If you find something, please reply.

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