Would it be possible to write a post about how best help a narcissist? I know a narcissist who is in his 50s. He's now broke, about to be homeless and has destroyed his relationship with his wife and most of his children.

We are not close right now. He's an old friend from a work team from years ago. Yes, he's a narcissist but he also helped me AND a lot of other people. There are a lot of us that feel a little indebted to him. I've helped people who were addicted to drugs before and I know about how much I am willing to extend myself.

In this situation I would be willing to act as a sounding board for this man, maybe gently provide some realistic ideas on how he could get back on his feet and hopefully get some counseling. I'm afraid he's considering suicide. But I won't be willing to give him money or a place to live. I am well aware that he has the capacity to take advantage of people, he has done so in the past.

Many of us are in the same boat wishing to provide help but don't wish to be taken advantage. We know what we are dealing with, but how do we help?

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