No one should have false hope or feel sympathy for the narcissist at their own expense. Therapy only works for very mild narcissists who still have some shred of self insight. The malignant narcissists --the ones who pretend to be nice, idolize and devalue, and attempt to use the author as another source of supply --forget about it! They are insincere even about therapy. It's just another act, another ploy to trick others into believing they are someone they are not. They probably see convincing a therapist that they've changed as a challenge and pick up new tricks for how to be even better at feigning empathy and concern for others.

NPD begets NPD. Too many children end up in the hands of narcissist fathers or mothers, who disregard the child's best interest in favor of "fairness" to the parents. The lives of children under the care of a narcissist parent is abusive and lonely. Something our family law courts should consider.

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