He is also quoted saying: "It's a benefit. America will - all of us will, over the long run, benefit from being a more diverse, more heterogeneous place. Places that are more diverse have higher rates of growth on average and they have better cuisine. And it's just a more interesting place to live.

So in the long run, waves of immigration like we're going through now and that we've gone through in the past and increasing diversity is good for a society. "

"I think part of it is that when we're around a lot of people who we don't know very well and whose cultural backgrounds and moves we don't know very well, we don't know quite how to read anybody. So we don't know if when somebody looks at us, you know, square on, does that mean hi, glad to have you here, or does that mean get out of my way?"

"I think over the long run, as we get to know one another, and as we begin to see things that we have in common with people who don't look like us, this allergy to diversity tends to diminish and to go away. So this is not something that I think as an argument against immigration. On the contrary, actually, I think in the long run we'll all be better. But I don't think that progressives and integrationists like me do our cause any service by hiding from ourselves the fact that it's not easy."

"I'm disappointed that it turns out it takes some time for us to get adjusted to people who look differently from us. And I'm a little disappointed that, as our findings become public, some people - some conservatives, some people who are racist, frankly, have taken comfort from my research. And they've made the inference that if we hunker down in the presence of diversity, it would be just great if we had a little ethnic cleansing and we all just live around people who look like us. That's absolutely not my view."

"Actually, my daughter is married to a Costa Rican immigrant. I have therefore three grandchildren that are kind of mixed race and they certainly are bringing - my son-in-law and those kids are bringing enormous wealth to the United States. I don't physical, financial wealth; I mean cultural wealth to the United States."

Looks a lot different what you ACTUALLY do research on it huh? Stop your cognitive bias. You're a fraud.