Other than someone walking on the streets with their phones — dangerous to themselves and other — who cares?

I may have been the person on the bus looking at my phone. I was probably getting my bills paid, texting with my mom who isn’t feeling well, sending a cute, sexy note to my spouse, reading the NYT ...

Just like dieting, exercising, decluttering, saving money or any other self-improvement that people want to impose upon themselves, it’s a totally personal thing and a stranger saying “hey you’re on your phone too much” is about as effective as saying “hey you’re fat, lose some weight”. People need to figure out their own lives and putting so much thought into how other people do things and feeling frustrated and critical because they don’t see things THE WAY YOU DO is a losing proposition and not a very healthy state of mind for you.
You can get away with that with your own kids and only until about middle teens.