I strongly agree with the article, demeanour is not reliable.

Scott was guilty of something - cheating on his wife, and that could account for his apparently suspicious demeanour when she went missing.

Scott told police where he had been on the day in question, even describing an island he visited. He made no attempt to conceal where he went. That is not consistent with having murdered his pregnant wife and disposing of the body there. Moreover extensive searches failed to locate his wife's body in the bay.

Also, he spent a significant time at the warehouse, apparently assembling a wood-working tool he bought.

That is also not consistent with the prosecution theory, his wife could be missed at any moment, and according to them he let the dog loose to make it look as if she had been abducted.

I believe his wife was abducted and murdered at a later date, estimates, when calculated correctly, suggest his unborn son Conner lived until around January 3.

I believe the true perpatrator(s) then arranged for the bodies to be found near where Scott went fishing to cause Scott to be arrested and charged.