Anonymous wrote:

Are we pretending "liberals" aren't responsible for the racial chaos consuming once-great American cities?

Stop feeding these micro-marxists!

Why don't you stop watching cable news channels which are primarily after ratings by staging mostly fake arguments about silly stuff? Liberals are all this and that and the cause of everything..... or, conservatives are just dinosaurs who are the cause of everything bad, and Hillary e-mails, and Trump on the bus, and Russia, and DACA, and of course, the wall, and blah blah blah blah blah.

You do realize, don't you, that when all you can do is spout this stuff about "liberals" or "conservatives", you're just a stooge for either FOX or MSNBC so they can rate your eyeballs as a count for their advertisers.

I suggest you put your mind to something more useful than the staged fake arguments on cable TV on both sides of the fake dividing wall we call liberals-conservatives. Your comment is nothing more than a recycled robot comment. Even computer bots on social media post more intelligent comments than that.