Thank you for the article! I, too, have made this comment several times already: saying Tr*** is a child, or is childlike or childish, constitutes an insult to the average child.
Being interested in this topic myself as an anthropologist, I am almost done reading 'Childism' by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl. It's a very interesting book. I do have a problem with the hard tone of voice so far regarding the misbehaviour of adults towards children. We need to learn to see that adults are usually the result of how they were treated when they were children. Prejudiced, short-sighted, harsh adults usually had parents or other important attachment figures that behaved that way towards them! We need to learn to see how this works and at the same time, need to develop a kind of compassionate approach that looks at causes, not just symptoms. It would be very interesting to analyse Tr*** childhood and the way his parents behaved towards him!

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