Yeah...Most professionals, especially psychologists, are liars who refuse to acknowledge or care if there is any real professional who looks like TV, or the fact it is really impossible to imagine an "unbelievable" character, as human beings are highly individualistic, have freewill, something psychology curses and cannot prove is false, and therefore anything goes. But every type of character found under the screen is as real as can be, oh yes, but when it comes to publicity...Promotion...Endorsement...Scientists, Historians, CIA, and Psychologists like to ignore that there are plenty of contrary view points, and that they are not immune to never following these depictions, and very often do at times. Scientists hate mad and evil science...Even though that is the view of many towards nukes, even scientists themselves, and the possibility of going too far, which happened from Nazis and Imperial Japanese in WWII to many crazy, usually medical, pursuers of evil and nefarious experiments to this very day with dead or still living aborted babies. Or how about CIA exploiting the depiction of James Bond based on real WWII spies and later Cold War hints that are real enough and many exposed conspiracies, so that we do not have reliable belief in the lies of our secretive spy agency. Or how about the Department of Energy boohooing the nature of Stranger Things over using them as a front for evil government research...Based on real evil government research that did happen. Lawyers saying it is not that way, when it is. Cops complaining about how they really cannot kill terrorists in DIE HARD. The real reason to be afraid of school shootings then I guess. Junkie co-workers that make FBI and Congress look bad...Astronauts claiming no one can go insane in space, like everyone is perfect...There are more. I accumalate this evidence, including the fact Psychology is bunk, not science, not fact, and has never had empirical data for any theory or test in all of existence. WHO IS NOW QUOTING literally the very basic stupid generalized lay audience response that is so unbelievable...That they cannot believe in a good story because the character is not like them. Well that is selfish and historically unrealistic. There is no normal to life. Action heroes lived. Exceptions happened. Nine-Eleven was done, and tremendously impossible and improv really. But we don't care...We just want to hate and disbelief and blind ourselves. Because even though we make it all up, and know its made up, and so should accept it, and recognize some, most, if not all, is modeled off of things we understand already and so make them again, from humanity to professions and professionalism, good, bad, and ugly...Yet we still just want to contrast Middle-Earth with "science" that is not real in the Shire and magic of us being what we imagine ourselves to be instead of looking and both Hollywood and History to find people can be anything...Which is scary and justifies it all.