All major world religions endorse marriage and marital sex.

In the USA, married religious couples (mainly Christians) consistently report high levels of satisfaction. Churches go to great lengths to promote good sex lives for the married couples in their ranks. Go search for "Christian sex books" if you don't believe me.

Then on the Jewish side, there's Rabbi Boteach,also the author of monogamy-oriented sex books. The Song of Solomon, held sacred by Jews and Christians alike, is rather clumsy in English translation but is almost porngraphic in the original. For centuries, no Jew under age 30 was allowewd to read it... even though they usually married in their teens.

Take a quick nod eastward... and you'll see the KAMA SUTRA. Thank you, India!

No major world religion considers sex "evil"... it's simply considered too powerful a force to be used without proper safeguards. And THAT is why so many moderns hate religion -- they want to indulge themselves, and don't want any pesky nagging voice of conscience telling them to stop.

Why should religion give such warnings? Because "lust without love", is invariably PROMISCUOUS... and this brings disease risks, children born out of wedlock (the strongest statistical predictor of a lousy future), abortions, heartbreak, failure to marry, marital breakup... the list of woes is endless.

Be it noted, not all religions gave these warnings in the past. Sacred orgies, sacred prostitution, and all that, used to be quite common in the ancient world. But those religions DID NOT SURVIVE to our time, due to the fertility inhibiting effects of disease and the culturally dissolutive effects of promiscuity. Vox Darwani, Vox Dei.

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