Hi Steve, In regards to the thinking that Narcissists have "low self esteem" , many of the world's top mental health professionals would disagree with you. The first mistake a healthy personality balanced individual makes in the evaluation of the Narcissists is to apply their own ethic and morals to the behaviors of the Narcissists, a schematic if you will. This is a natural thing to do, it's a way of trying to apply logic to what seems to be an illogicol situation. You are logicol, but Weinstien is also logicol in his line of thinking, sans a conscience. The crimes , wether caught or not, of a Narcissist is that they willingly chose to violate all contracts of any kind, socially and personally, written or implied. Narcissists consider themselves the Omnipotent One, the Superior One, the Entitled One, rules do not apply to him. You may see Weinstein as physically unattractive but Weinstein believes only He matters. What are you to Him? He had it all and you are nothing. Power, prestige, money and did I mention POWER are his evaluationary tools. Weinstein believes he is more valuable than the rest of society. Every time he bully's someone and gets his way he has confirmed he is Superior. You or I may be morally compelled to weigh our behavior against the relationships we have with others however Weinstein feels no such obligation! When you see the world from Weinstien's perspective you will see he is perfectly logicol. People who practice Weinstien's logic may be very ineffectual in other arenas of life and the "errors" in thinking can be exposed as being very ineffectual but for a long time Weinstien's logic worked! Dr. Samenow has been one of the few who can actually persuade a criminal to change his "errors" in thinking . Dr. Eduardo M. Bustamante, Dr. David M Allen, Dr. Jorden Peterson all call the Narcissists to the ethical mark by insisting on accountability. Failing to hold the child accountable is where someone somewhere went wrong in the past of the developing juvenile Narcissist. Self esteem is developed through accomplishment, developing a high self esteem by becoming the top drug Lord is very real. Confronting a Narcissist about the unethical and amoral pathway he has taken to his "success" is not a challenge to his self esteem; it is a challenge to the reasoning and logic he uses to excuse his crimes. No Narcissist will ever change until he makes the choice. Weinstien's family, friends and associates may abandon him but as long as he has money and there are some who are willing to prostitute themselves to him for his wealth then there will not be the impetus to change.

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