Re: "In his approach to potential sexual targets, the individual regards himself as irresistible and seeks to have this affirmed."

Dr. Samenow, aren't some cases of narcissism actually driven by an inferiority complex? Consider Harvey Weinstein. It's easy to imagine him as an overweight nebbish as a kid growing up in Queens, living in a housing development and later attending the University of Buffalo.

Couldn't it be just as possible that an abuser like Weinstein recognizes that former kid in himself and is actually trying to convince himself that he's not who he used to be? So his fundamental flaw is a lack of self-acceptance camouflaged by narcissism?

In other words, Weinstein's crude narcissism actually masks deep insecurity. I.e. he subconsciously knows he's a fat cretin. Convincing himself he is irresistible via sexual exploitation is a pathetic con-job playing out between his ears.

Not that there are any excuses for his criminal behavior, I'm just suggesting a possible alternative psychological pathway that led him to be the mess that he is.

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