Anonymous wrote:

People used to talk in doctor offices, but now they just stare at the TV or at their phone. You see people eating - and staring at phone. Tried Meetup also - all these people sign up, then no one shows up! I have been in three - and all fizzled out in two weeks. Small town and trying to figure out how to meet real, genuine, kind hearted and caring people. Sadly, many in church do not meet that requirement.

Where is the small town exactly? The little village where i live is a bit similar. The people are fairly friendly and pleasant individuals. And i have lived here for about 5 years now so i have gotten to know a few regulars when i used to walk my dog. But i still have to travel 6 miles to the nearest town, which luckily also has a train station to help me get out to places such as Cambridge, which is only 15 minutes on the train

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