For me it wasn't about loving the 'perfect' me. There is no perfect me, just the me who grows and develops along this journey that we're on.

While i did find support, because of my misconceptions and affected past, me being needy and limited minded with limited scope on the concept of love just means i've not made it easy for her. And has had her feeling unloved and unimportant. Even though without her and our connection, then i wouldn't be where i am in myself. So i learned that without learning to love yourself and what you are, tapping and making connection with that pure love then how can we love and truly connect to another. We have to start somewhere. It's just made a bit more rewarding when it's reciprocated.

And it really does sound like you've had bad experiences with meetups or maybe not been to too many perhaps? I can kind of understand you somewhat. But i've been to quite a few. And because of the groups and the actual location being Cambridge, the people are a bit more open minded. But again, because i had the interest in meeting new people and going new places, maybe my perception was helped somewhat. I found comfort in just doing something i wanted to be doing with like minded people. I organised a meetup even which had us kayaking along the Ouse in Cambridge. Only 2 people showed up. But it was just good all around. They were such friendly and polite individuals and thanked me at the end. Even just sitting in a cafe with them afterwards talking about ourselves and books. Things relating to introversion that we all shared. Little situations, scenarios and experiences like that really do enhance my own perspective.

It's because us and our minds are more than complex. Takes a great deal to work with our own minds. Let alone the minds of others. So it is made even harder with our own perceptions and our own flaws. Maybe that is also another reason why some people stick to their laptops and phones when around other people. Not just because of the trend of modern world. But because of our minds. But if people interacted and appreciated the simple but important aspect of connecting with others in direct contact, then it would help a lot more. Hence why someone like Eckhart Tolle is a good example. And Byron Katie.

Focus on the positives in people and the heart felt nature that sooo many people have. Granted we do sometimes waste it, or limit it, for whatever reason. Just lighten your mind and connect with the beauty we all have within us

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