Firstly I’d like to congratulate the women that have read and contributed on this article because I take it as indication that they’ve recognized this behavior for what it is. However, I’m not sure the potential damage cattiness can cause in relationships has been stated enough. In my 20’s I didn’t understand this behavior in the depths illustrated in this article: I simply saw the woman as an extremely negative individual and I knew the time I could be around her would expire like milk. Now, understanding what the behavior really is and from where it originates, I could have probably did more to work with and tolerate those insecurities, but only to a point of her also recognizing and working on them. Now in my mid 40’s, I have watched so many relationships (mine and others) crumble over the competitiveness females carry. I personally believe Women spend too much time looking over the fence at the things they “perceive” other women having, while spending very little time looking at and appreciating the things of their own. Social media serves as rocket fuel to this issue. Men are competitive as well, but that competition plays out on a basketball court, golf course, Video games, etc. and when it’s over there is no question who the winner & loser was. In other words male competition is a nice tight package that doesn’t linger or get personal.. So we do not identify with this behavior: I’d guess most men would say they hate it as much as anything else about the woman they’re with, or their sisters, daughters, mothers etc. But most men don’t understand the behavior either, and we need to. The next time I observe cattiness I will try to meet it with a compliment instead of resentment. Thanks!