Agreed. I live with C-PTSD, long before it was ever diagnosed or labelled "Grade A Certifiable". I now do lots of research to best communicate with therapists and psychiatrists the many many mental and physical issues that have birthed.
My wife is hurt from negative sides of C-PTSD. At times I thought she was a Narc when she was just confused and had no answers to give me.
Too often what I read or think narcissism means in the medical use of the word, is very deeply rooted in research and conversations outside of google browsing.
It seems to be that any negative trait or label that can help some to "Self-Victimize" is embraced and or negative trait to help scapegoat past partners is the new orange.
It all stinks of the "new politically correct" way of calling people names. A-Hole is more then a sufficient word that covers a wide array of people and instances. It should be added to the medical journals the world over, for those seeking help for mental health issues they dream up.
PTSD and C-PTSD is NOT something you think you might have, it is something EVERYONE who cares about you can see, feel and are impacted by. You dont contimplate this, your mind and body is torn apart from the inside out while you fight to cry out for help.
Real Narcissus IMHO is something that EVERYONE can see. It is not confined on a person to person basis. We don't realize this one is obvious.
Or maybe C-PTSD has my sense of awareness out of whack.
I want to be nice and honest, the rest is out of my control.

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