I have known a narcissist all my life and know for a fact that what the article suggests is a bad strategy... ESPECIALLY if you can't leave.
Yes argueing incurrs their wrath but just because there's a fight and you can't treat them doesn't mean the victim's losing.
That's where the article is wrong. A lot of your life is on the line if you can't escape and you don't just want to get along.
Simply detaching emotionally doesnt work if they can still control you by other means, which they will.
Besides, once you can detach yourself there's more you can do.
For example for me detachment makes confrontation easy in that it doesn't matter what the narcissist says or thinks about me no matter how much they shout. I have even called them up on the raised voices and abuse. Once you detach yourself it becomes easier to see and point out the fallacies. And they don't have to believe you. You just have to let them see that you don't believe them either. And stop arguung and leave omce you have made your point. Dont just stand there and let them dish it out. Have an exit strategy. You have to be ok with conrontations.
In my case i did this so many times and so strongly that the narcissist in my life finally realised there is no way to manipulate, insult or abuse me no matter what they did.
They are still a narcissist but i am free from the abuse now. Yes it required incredible strength on my part and i had to face their wrath and the trauma that goes with it but ultimately it was worth it since i can't escape anytime soon. You will need help though...

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