I have been engaged for two years and have known my partner for 5 in total. Ever since I have been with him his ex blames me for their divorce...I wasn't around then. She wont accept that i didn't have some thing to do with it. She messages him almost daily, just how is your day, want to come and have a coffee, can you help me pick some thing up, i have tried to cut my bush can you do it for me. Then she says to him he is just taking my money...I plan on buying into his house once we are married...I did buy us a car..but once the house payment comes in he will pay me back. He tells her too much about us....she tells him too much about her self...he thinks I am insecure....well I just feel uncomfortable him going over to her place....he wants to be friends with her...but she wont accept us and says we wont work and he is in fantasy land....she is still angry that he divorced her...she also thinks he is unable to love any body. Also she lives just around the corner from us.