Do you think that practicing this kind of love could keep a partner for a lifetime, though? I think if a person is respected and fully accepted the way they are, why would they want to leave? If this is the healthiest practice of love. After the ''delicious'' infatuation stage in the beginning, the more you get to know someone, the more your affection grows, and there's mutual appreciation. There's more to it than accepting a person for how they truly are. I know people can change and life can become uncertain at any time. But both partners can have good intentions and want to stay during the unhappy times and work towards a nice future. Not out of a fear of being alone. Good communication, no trust issues, expressing anger and working it out. Real love. When both partners plan and build towards meaning and purpose.

Sure there's no real guarantee for anything in life. So why bring such low expectations in a relationship? Have all the effort go to waste? No man is an island and we are social beings. There are people who do want to grow old together.

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